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How Optimized Are Your AWS Cloud Costs?

While cost is often cited as the reason why people move to the cloud, it's not always that simple. Many organizations have noticed cloud bills two to three times higher than expectations1 , which can happen if you don't manage it correctly. Have you achieved the savings you expected?

If you want to save more, then check out this eBook, "10 Ways to Reduce Spend in AWS." You'll get 10 things you can do to reduce your spend in AWS, including several pro-tips from both in-house and customer cloud experts, such as:

  • Terminate Zombie Assets
  • Rightsize EC2 Instances & EBS Volumes
  • Upgrade instances to the latest generation
  • Delete Disassociated Elastic IP Addresses
  • For the other 6, and how to best implement them, you'll have to read it...
Check out this eBook to find out how you can better manage your costs.

10 Best Practices for
Reducing Spend in AWS