Webinar | 5 Ways to Accelerate Your Cloud Business

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As MSPs expand their capabilities in managing cloud infrastructure they are challenged with providing more operational intelligence across cost, usage, performance and security, while meeting the highest standards in cloud governance.

In this session, Kelly Hartman from the AWS Managed Services Team and Chris Jacob, Solutions Architect at CloudHealth Technologies, highlight how CloudHealth can help you:

  • Demonstrate service capabilities that map to AWS MSP requirements during an AWS MSP Audit.
  • Simplify bill splitting and invoicing.
  • Gain visibility into cloud resources and optimization opportunities.
  • Implement business policies that facilitate governance of a customer's cloud environment.
  • Identify revenue and value-added services opportunities powered by CloudHealth, such as rightsizing recommendations, migration assessments, cost reporting and optimization, and reservation management.

Who Should Watch the Recording?

  • MSPs that are looking to become an AWS APN Consulting or MSP Partner and need tools to help them get there.
  • AWS APN Consulting Partners who are looking to become an Audited MSP under the AWS APN program.
  • AWS APN Consulting Partners who are looking to differentiate themselves, improve margins, and simplify management of their customers.
  • Audited MSPs under the AWS APN program who are evaluating or re-evaluating a solution for managing cloud environments for multiple customers with many services.