Gartner Report | Your 90-Day Action Plan to Control Public Cloud Spend

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Enterprises are under mounting pressure to rein in cloud spend, but without a formal 90-day action plan the chances of success are slim. Gartner has found that organizations without a cloud cost management plan are at risk of overspending by 70% -- or even more.

In this report, Gartner explains how those responsible for ensuring the business value of cloud infrastructure can tackle this challenge by doing the following:

  • Sound an alarm if key warning signs are present, such as untraceable consumption, low resource utilization, or excessive on-demand purchasing.
  • Move quickly to collaborate with public cloud account owners across the company on immediate improvements, using the provided 90-day plan.
  • Build in long-term controls by using Gartner’s Framework for Public Cloud Cost Management to forecast, track, and manage spend.

Download the report to learn how to avoid overspending and make sure you aren’t receiving a substandard service or signing inappropriate contracts.

Source: Gartner, Your 90-Day Action Plan to Control Public Cloud Spend, David Wright, 14 February 2019