Webinar | Lower Your Cloud Bill & Achieve Better Cloud Governance

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Are you looking to find out what the best companies are doing to take their cloud strategy to the next level? Want to learn how you can take what they've learned to drive automation, management, and optimization?

In this webinar, we’ll sit down with guest speaker, Forrester Principal Analyst, Lauren Nelson, to explore how to take your cloud strategy to the next level with automation and diverse analytics to deliver faster results for new and existing workloads.

We’ll learn:

  • What the best companies in North America and Europe are doing for cloud management
  • The pitfalls of using manual processes and decisions for your mature cloud strategy
  • How to make better decisions around cloud cost management and hybrid cloud management solutions across cost, governance, and developer access

Lauren Nelson
Forrester Principal Analyst
Forrester Research

Rachel Dines
Senior Director of Product Marketing
CloudHealth Tech